Natural Chelation Therapy

The world we live in is far from pristine, the way nature created it has been largely lost. Today, we are constantly exposed to different kinds of pollution, toxins, chemicals, dust and smoke. Careless dumping of nuclear waste or open nuclear wounds are an alarming source of exposure to radioactive metals which are poisonous for our body. The result of all this is that the human body accumulates toxins gradually. Heavy metal poisoning from metals such as mercury, lead, uranium, arsenic etc. can lead to serious health issues. What’s more disturbing is that toxicity from different metals can combine in unpredictable ways to produce hazards that may be greater than the sum of their parts.

Natural chelation therapy

Fortunately, medical science has treatment options available to detoxify the body of these hazardous chemicals and restore the natural health. Besides ozone therapy chelation, where in detoxification is done by injecting an ozone mixture into the bloodstream, natural chelation therapy can be self-administered under the guidance of a medical professional.

Natural herbs such as cilantro and chlorella, when taken regularly in a medically determined proportion are found to work wonderfully well as a Heavy Metal Detox. Cilantro, which is used extensively in the Mexican cuisine is now being used widelyin detoxification and chelation through natural methods. Studies and medical experiments, however, have determined that these herbs are not as effective, when used in isolation. It is the formula that works.

It is never too early to chelate oneself naturally. Air and water borne metal pollution is invisible, and we may never know when our bodies are getting exposed to toxins. Natural chelation therapy can be adopted as a habit along with the rest of the diet, because it consists of natural herbs and plants that combine with heavy metals and nullify their effect. Meet with your doctor to self-administer your natural chelation therapy.

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