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Therapeutic Yoga

 Mr. S. Ananthan Pillai

Mr. S. Ananthan Pillai

Yoga Therapy is highly specific to the area of application.Every one of us is unique, highly individualized in all levels Physical, Physiological, Psychological and Deeper.

So one standard Yoga practice for all simply does not work.

Yoga therapy is “Sarva Anga Sadhanam”, an all Comprehensive and holistic approach there are 3 steps to attain an all comprehensive therapy

  • 1. Pacification / Relief from Pain
  • 2. Cure
  • 3. Free from Pain Dependency on Guru

Yoga Therapy Methodology:

  • Understanding all about the individual and problem.
  • Identifying cause of the problem,.
  • Setting the goal Appling right yogic tools to achieve the goal that is relief
  • Diagnostic Method in Yoga therapy
  • Observation of Body Composition
  • Palpation(Study sensation)
  • Problem Discussion
  • Study of the Pulse

There are 3 pillars of YOGA And YOGA THERAPY that is


In YOGA there is only One Classical way but number of modifications are there according to the patients’ need and composition.