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Whole body ozonation Therapy

whole body ozone and oxygen therapy

Whole body ozonation therapy, the latest of ozone therapies used successfully the world over, is considered to be the most effective and efficacious of all the ozone therapies at present.

It works through a continual circulation of blood which passes through a special dialysis type filter where it is exposed to ozone, purified, energised and then returned to the body.

It has become difficult to eliminate sufficient amounts of toxins from a human body owing to host of factors. Whole body ozonation provides an answer through an external means of elimination, taking the place of the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system.

In this technique, the patient’s blood is first drawn from a large calibre vein through the use of a medical pump. A small amount of blood flows out from one arm, to the filter/oxygenator, and then flows directly back into a vein in the other arm. Only 700mls.of blood ever leaves the body at a given particular time.

The micro-filter filters the unwanted toxins in the blood. At this point the blood is bathed in ozone and then re-introduced into the body through the other arm. This process continues for up to one hour.

During this period, almost the entire volume of blood in the body is filtered, purified and enriched with ozone.