Born in Pollachi and educated in Coimbatore, Dr. Arul met with huge success as a primary medical practitioner into which he plunged after obtaining his MBBS, from the Madras Medical College.

His quest for complimentary therapies began when faced with the question of improving the quality of life of his patients who came to him with cancer, vascular problems, acute renal problems and auto immune diseases. Conventional medicines did not do much to improve the quality of life. His belief that conventional medicine was mostly a symptom masker, wonderful for emergencies and acute cases-it saves lives it’s fantastic-but had no effectiveness in case of chronic degenerative conditions, gave further thrust to his search for complimentary therapies.

The ultimate demise of his father and his mother from coronary artery disease and carcinoma of esophagus respectively, were a big blow in his life and further firmed up his belief that conventional medicines or therapies were only profitable for the pharmaceutical solution providers, not to the medical fraternity or the patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases. A helpless son and doctor that he was at this stage, he thrusted himself into finding answers to the cure and improve quality of life for patients in unknown branches of medicines hitherto unknown to the medical fraternity obsessed with allopathic treatment.

Thus began the journey with complimentary therapies. Ozone therapy and IV Anti-oxidants attracted him, and dwelling further found that the same were giving astounding results in patients suffering from arterial and chronic diseases. Travelling in India and the world over, attending conferences on complimentary therapies, he trained himself under some world renowned ozone therapy experts in India and abroad.

He established the now popular nulife wellness centre, wherein he has brought miracles for patients with the complimentary therapies. Spurred on by the astounding results, he is credited with being the first person to bring the extra corporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation (EBOO) (complete blood ozonation system) to India.

The best decision I think I have ever taken is to start nulife wellness centre. It gives immense satisfaction to see amazing results in patients with life threatening and painful conditions when treated with conventional therapies combined with complimentary therapies. My purpose of life now is to see that more and more patients get access to these complimentary therapies, more so ozone therapy. It will be a wonderful feeling for me if ozone therapy, with its astounding results, is available to every patient in nook and corner of India. I think complimentary therapies should exist along with other traditional therapies and let the practitioner help patients get the benefits from different therapies.